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About Us

Card Pro Supplies is a Direct Manufacturer of premium quality trading card holders. If you are a Hobby Retailer, Dealer, Breaker, Wholesaler or Distributor, we invite you to give our products a try.


Why buy and use CP-1 Graded Card Submission Size Semi-Rigid Holders?

- CP1 is approved by PSA, BGS, HGA and SGC to submit your cards for submission.

- CP1 is a Semi-Rigid Graded Card Submission Size Holder engineered to be more pliable, flexible and easier to use.

- CP1 is thinner by design than the current leading brands. Why? Current brands are very tight and only are able to handle standard 35pt cards or thinner. CP-1 hold cards sizes 35pt to 180pt and even thicker like (Jersey Patches and Relics).

- CP1 is Perfect for Breakers & Retailers to use after opening packs, boxes and case breaks! Your Customers will love it. Use a penny sleeve & CP-1 and your done. Easier to insert and greatly lowers the risk of damaging the corners of cards when placing in a CP-1 holder.

- CP1 recently Sold over 1,000,000+ CP1 Holders to One of the largest Graded Card Submission Dealers in the World. Our CP-1 holders saves them over 50% in time labor preparing cards for submission with all the grading companies because CP1 is more pliable, flexible and easier to use.